• Ricky celebrates 28 years of partnering with the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation (SCHF)

Ricky has social responsibility and giving back to the community as the heart of what we do. 

 November 10 2023 marks the 28th year of the Ricky Richards donation day, where we donate a percentage of sales today to the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation (SCHF). 

 In 2023, our funds from 2023 will be used to build a Multi Functional Therapy Room to provide crucial support the sick children in need of critical care.

 The Sydney Children’s Hospital cares for thousands of young children each year. Ron says "we felt that giving to the kids was something that touched everybody”. Still at the core, the answer lays in the simplest places of all, the heart. This is why, as for many of us, Ron’s personal experiences of the Hospitals aid to his own family and community played an part in the decision.   

 Listen to our director Ron Gottlieb talk about their connection and partnership with Sydney Children’s Hospital, and how their donations help empower the team, the customers, and the community!