• Ronnies Ramble S2, E21: Staff Takeover - "One new thing to add to the workspace"

At Ricky Richards, we’re quietly confident we do lots of ‘above and beyond’ stuff for our staff. 

How do we know? Well, long before we let them loose with a video camera and a microphone recently, we’ve kept a keen eye on our retention rates. And when staff don’t leave you, you can be sure you’re getting something right! 

But, we’re never the type to leave things to chance, we prefer to ask our staff for their opinions about all sorts. From small menial bugbears to large-as-life doozies! 


In this video, we asked Team Ricky to tell us what they would love to see introduced to our workspace Cost and likelihood irrelevant – just that one thing that would make their days even brighter than they are now. Easy! 

And what did they have to say for themselves? ALL SORTS!  

How about a massage chair to hop in anytime and relieve back tension?  (OK. That could be a go-er!) 

Or… maybe an extra day off each week to make the weekend even longer!  (Hmm. That will need a bit more thought...!) 


It’s so good to get an insight into our staff's feelings about their workspace and the few little tweaks we can make to turn a special place to work into an exceptional one! 


Take a look at this latest video and hear what they would change about work given a magic wand – maybe it will give you some inspo for things you might change at your place too? 


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