• Ronnies Ramble S2, E20: Staff Takeover - "What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?"

“Work hard and play harder”, said somebody, once upon a time! 

And well said, too. 


Our team at Ricky Richards are definitely a hard-working bunch, no doubt about that. Individually, they give their absolute everything while they’re working, and we think it’s only right they get to maximise their time away from work too!  


So, what do Team Ricky people love to do with themselves?  

From spending time with the family… 

to hanging out with Mum. 

Travelling to far-away places. 

Even creek-jumping with the canines! 



It seems our team gets up to all sorts of fun stuff once clocked-off from Ricky Richards for the day. In fact, one team member tells us they enjoy doing ALL of the above activities! 


The question is, which team member loves to do what pastime? Think you can guess?! 


In this video, you’ll hear our team waxing lyrical about their favourite things to do when they’re not helping our wonderful customers at Ricky Richards. 


Do our people share any of your favourite pastimes? Take a listen and find out! 

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