• Ronnies Ramble S2, E19: Staff Rambles Takeover - "How do you view the company?"

Ricky Richards is an extremely fun place to work. 

At least, that’s what we like to think! Yet it’s never good to assume these things, is it? And who better to ask about our workplace than our people! 

In fact, while we’re at it, why not ask them what working with us means to them? 


That’s exactly what we did recently, inviting our team to take over our Ronnie’s Rambles! 

In exchange for letting them lose on camera, all we asked for was their honest opinion about working for us. 

“I feel part of the family.”  

“We give back to the community.” 

“Customers are valued and involved in our evolution.” 

These are just a handful of the many positives Team Ricky had to say.  

(And yes, the word FUN did feature a few times too!) 

We are super proud of our team, even more so after hearing their thoughts. It takes time and effort to create a working environment people enjoy – and it sounds like we’ve nailed it!  

Check out what our incredible, loyal, and FUN team says about us in today’s video. Enjoy! 

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