• Ronnies Ramble S2, 18: What Is The Secret To Creating A Good Workplace Culture?

Nothing matters more in most companies than the culture. 


Business leaders love talking about culture. “Come work with us – we have a fantastic culture!” say many. But what is culture, and how can you create one to be proud of? 


While the underlying values, beliefs and standards of a company make up its culture, it’s as much about how people operate day-to-day at work that shapes your culture. The leaders may set the tone, but the workers live it. 


With most of us folks having to work for a living – at least until retirement age - it makes sense to enjoy ourselves while we’re there. And that enjoyment often comes down to the culture.  


Of course, all workplaces are different – some easy-going, others stressful. As most leaders know, you’ll get the best out of people when they’re feeling good – and greater productivity means greater outcomes for the business as a whole. Put simply; it’s down to the leaders to create a culture that reflects the needs of the company but also the needs of its people. 


How do leaders get it right, so their people are happy in their job, day in and day out? 


Here, Ron shares his secrets about how you can create a culture that keeps your people content, making work a happy place to go and never a chore. 


Or, in his words, “Just making work as pleasurable as possible for people!”. 

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