• Ronnie’s Rambles S2, E15: Why it’s Important for a CEO To Be Visible?

When it comes to being a CEO, is it really that important to be transparent? 

The role of a CEO is a multiskilled one. In many cases, they are the face of the company to both internal and external stakeholders, liaising with the board, management and the public. In short, it's about being responsible for the long-term strategy of the company and for instilling brand values in employees to encourage the success of the company. 

Since 1984, Ron has been the Director at Ricky Richards to help evolve the brand and empower their employees. When it comes to being a CEO, Ron believes that it’s important for you to be apparent whenever it’s possible, because when all said and done, “you’re a worker like anybody else in the organisation.” 

One of the two major qualities of a CEO that contributes to being visible is being receptive and honest with your colleagues. “Sure, there are management structures and there are people with different responsibilities, but ultimately, you are colleagues.” Ron points out. By demonstrating good listening skills and inspiring trust despite your colleagues' roles, you will be able to create a more positive working environment where staff capability is recognised. 

At the end of the day, Ron points out that everyone is working together with a common goal, and that it’s important to encourage everyone to thrive as the business grows. 

What do you believe makes a great CEO? 


Watch the latest episode of Ronnie’s Ramble to hear why Ron believes it’s important for a CEO to be visible. Do you agree with him? Maybe it will make you rethink what makes an excellent CEO!