• Ronnies Ramble S2, E13: Why Face to Face Meetings Matter in Business?

Transitioning back to working face-to-face in an office has been increasingly difficult since Covid-19 in early 2020. Despite there being many benefits to working online, including flexibility, efficiency and independence- there’s nothing quite like being in front of a customer or client. 

Being in business for almost 40 years now, Ron’s had his fair share of both face to face and online meetings. Face to face meetings often open the door for open communication, more genuine connections and strengthens relationships. 

Although you can have an effective conversation over email or on Zoom, he emphasises “there’s something about being with someone, there’s something about being across the table... it’s not just the few sentences on e-mail.” When you’re in person, Ron notes, it’s more personable “you may go out for a meal... you’ll have time to talk more about the personal things, which are not just about the business.” 

Ron also touches back on a previous episode where he speaks about the importance of business relationships. He reiterates that it’s not just about buying or selling something. “If you have a relationship with someone, you’re interested in them”, Ron says, “It’s a mix of the personal and the business that can’t really be beaten.” 

In our latest episode, listen to why Ron believes that Face to Face meetings trump online meetings and his experience. Maybe it will change your mind on how you do your meetings! 

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