• Ronnies Ramble S2, E12: How Do You Stay Motivated in Business?

Running a business isn’t easy, as the journey to success has many highs and lows, often leaving business owners with a feeling of uncertainty. So, what is the answer to continuously staying motivated in business? 

For Ron, one of the major motivators is finding your purpose. Creating short and long-term goals to guide your focus in the right direction, is key to maintaining your momentum.  

Ron also mentions that it’s important to “know your strengths and know your weaknesses”. When you can identify your pain points, you will be able to improve and ultimately create positive change for your business. 

Motivation is a key contributing factor to ensuring you continuously move forward. In Ron’s case, Ricky Richards was like his child. “If you’ve nurtured it from the beginning, you just want to see it grow... it’s a bit like being a parent,” he says.  

At Ricky Richards, it wasn’t just the business that was growing, it was the people. Witnessing the people around him developing in a thriving organisation gave Ron a newfound motivation and passion. It was an inspiration. 

Ron believes that surrounding yourself with like-minded people to inspire you is also vital. These people don’t have to be mentors, you can find inspiration in your friends, your colleagues, and even other organisation groups. 

Tune in to the latest Ronnie’s Rambles to hear Ron’s tips on how he stayed motivated while nurturing Ricky Richards. Maybe you’ll find tips to apply to your own business or professional career! 

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