• Ronnies Ramble S2, E11: Connection To & Partnership with Sydney Children's Hospital

Social responsibility and community is at the heart of what we do at Ricky Richards. 

In 1996, our partnership with The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation (SCHF) began as a small donation of $1000; that year, our team opted to make a monetary donation that would enrich our community rather than sending Christmas cards. Today, we've donated over $250,000 to the SCHF with the support of our amazing customers. 

“There are lots of good causes. You can pick any number, there are thousands”, says Ron. So, why did Ricky Richards start to spread holiday cheer with donations to the SCHF on behalf of clients? 

The Sydney Children’s Hospital cares for thousands of young children each year. Ron says "we felt that giving to the kids was something that touched everybody”. Still at the core, the answer lays in the simplest places of all, the heart. This is why, as for many of us, Ron’s personal experiences of the Hospitals aid to his own family and community played an part in the decision.   

Twenty-seven years on, our support of the SCHF has flourished into a long-term partnership. The Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation donation day is now one of the biggest (and most fun) in the Ricky Richards Calendar. Hosted annually on the first Friday of December, a percentage of all customer purchases is donated to the SCHF. 

Ron says “it really involves our staff, our customers. We’re so proud of what we’re doing there just for that, and if it helps other businesses try and think they might do something like that, all the better.” 

Listen to Ron talk about their connection and partnership with Sydney Children’s Hospital, and how their donations help empower the team, the customers, and the community!