• The Uses and Benefits of Docril Fabric

There are many different fabrics and materials on the market today designed for a variety of applications. Some are suited to interior use only while others have been specifically designed and manufactured to endure harsher outdoor conditions. 

This article will be taking a look at Docril fabrics, what they are, what they can be used for and the benefits of Docril fabrics. 


What Are Docril Fabrics? 

As referenced by the Docril Fabrics website, Docril fabrics are manufactured from acrylic that is solution-dyed to guarantee the highest degree of colour fastness. Docril fabrics maintain their colour integrity even when exposed to adverse weather conditions for prolonged periods. Due to the way the colour is processed into the extrusion of the acrylic fibre itself, it becomes an actual part of the fibre rather than merely being a coating on it. 

Unlike other types of fabrics and materials that tend to fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight, Docril acrylic fabric maintains its colour fastness and does not fade. The longevity of Docril fabric colours is one of the fabric’s most important benefits. 

Regarding the use of Docril fabrics Australia, they have been used in numerous applications. Let’s take a look at some. 

Docril Awning Fabric 

Because of their incredible colour fast properties, Docril fabrics are often used in the manufacture of awnings. One example is the Docril 669 Cream Acrylic Canvas, which helps to reduce solar heat gain by up to 90%. This makes the material perfect for use in awnings that provide shade for windows. 

Docril Designs is another Docril acrylic canvas that is excellent for creating awnings. It also comes in a wide range of fashion colours, patterns and designs to suit everyone’s tastes and colour schemes. 

Fabrics used for awnings are not only colour fast but are also highly resistant to water, as well as mildew growth. 

Outdoor Furniture Applications 

Aussies have a love affair with the outdoors and in a country that experiences so much sunlight, outdoor furniture cushions and upholstery need to be covered in a fabric that can endure harsh conditions. 

The Docril G range of outdoor furniture fabrics is one of the most popular options for outdoor furniture design in the country. Docril G comes in numerous designs and modern colour schemes, further enhancing its appeal for outdoor furniture use. Along with extreme colour fastness, it is UV resistant and has been designed to withstand all weather conditions, including periods of wet weather. 

If you cover outdoor furniture with a Docril fabric, you can be sure that the furniture is going to look great for many years to come. 

Docril Fabric For Outdoor Blinds and Umbrellas Is Popular 

There are many occasions when someone might want to create and install an outdoor blind. Outdoor blinds are used both domestically and commercially and are excellent for partitioning off certain areas of an outdoor setting, for either privacy or to block out the sun. 

The Docril Designs range of fabrics, mentioned for use in the manufacture of awnings, is perfect for creating outdoor blinds. The fabric weight ensures it maintains its integrity when used for blinds and its tight weave guarantees privacy. 

Another very popular use of this Docril fabric is for outdoor umbrellas. An umbrella made from Docril Designs will keep the sun off when used beside a pool or for an outdoor table. Being highly water resistant, umbrellas made from this fabric will also keep out the rain in inclement weather. 

Marine Applications 

In a country that has so many boating enthusiasts, there is a huge demand for fabrics that can be used in the marine industry. Docril fabrics are the perfect choice when covering seats and cushions used in boats, or for canvas awnings to keep out the sun and weather. 

Once again, Docril Designs is one of the materials of choice for marine applications and the broad range of colours, patterns and designs ensure the perfect aesthetic fit for every vessel. 

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