• Loomstate Fabric: What Exactly Is It? 

There are so many different fabrics and textiles out there in the Australian market that the choices can get confusing. Therefore, there is a need to expand on the details and uses of certain fabrics and materials to fully understand their properties and applications. 

Loomstate fabric is one such fabric that many people may not know that much about. This article is going to discuss loomstate fabric, what it is and what it can be used for. 


What Is Loomstate Fabric? 

Loomstate fabric is a material that’s manufactured in Australia by Wax Converter’s Textiles, a quality family company based in Rutherford NSW. 

The term “loomstate” refers to a fabric that has been taken directly off the loom. The woven fabric is considered to be “not yet finished” in its current loomstate. It generally won’t feel or behave the way it is intended. The loomstate fabric has yet to undergo any finishing or treatments and also hasn’t been washed. It’s like a raw woven fabric ready to be repurposed. 


Some Things To Note About Loomstate Fabrics 

There are some important things to note about fabrics that remain in their loomstate. One is that when the fabric is washed, it’s probably going to shrink during the first few washes. It’s therefore wise to wash loomstate fabric before putting it to use to ensure no further shrinkage occurs. Washing also helps to remove the buildup of dust and lint that can result from the weaving process. 

Fabrics that are in their loomstate are considered to be very easy to dye, which is one of the main advantages of choosing a fabric still in its loomstate. 


Loomstate Canvas 

Many artist canvases are wrapped in a material that is made from loomstate fabric, such as the XARTIST fabric sold by Ricky Richards. Just as dying material is made easier with loomstate fabrics, so is the adhesion and absorption of paint when it is applied to the canvas. The most common materials used in artist canvases are loomstate cotton fabric or loomstate linen, wrapped tightly around a wooden frame to prevent shrinkage and to guarantee the canvas holds its shape. 

Although considered an unfinished woven material and not yet ready for certain applications, loomstate fabric is the perfect choice for creating artwork and even for the printing of photos for photography exhibitions. 


Loomstate Clothing 

Loomstate fabrics are commonly used in clothing manufacture as well, due mainly to the ability to effectively dye the material to whatever colour the clothing maker desires. Whether it be a cotton weave or linen (made from flax), loomstate is a popular choice. 

Another advantage of choosing loomstate fabrics for clothing design is the ease with which screen printing can be carried out, producing sharp and colourful graphics and images. 

Using loomstate materials can also be a selling point in the clothing business, as it’s considered to be a more environmentally sustainable product due to a lack of finishing processes. 


Other Popular Uses Of Loomstate Fabrics 

Sustainable shopping bags have proven to be popular and these are generally manufactured with loomstate materials. Sustainability is a buzzword these days, so if you can use it for any product, it’s always a topical and relevant selling point. 

Loomstate, treated to be water resistant, is also commonly found in tent manufacture. Both the Coolabah and Billabong ranges of loomstate fabrics are perfect examples. Not only are tents made from these fabrics, but they are also ideal for the crafting of awnings and annexes for caravans and campervans. They come in a range of fashion colours, so there is something to suit everyone’s requirements. 

Horse rugs are another common way people put loomstate material to good use. Rawhide is one such fabric designed for horse rugs. Summer Breeze is another. 

While the fabric may be in a more raw state than other finished and treated fabrics, there are numerous popular uses for loomstate fabrics. 


Discover Our Range Of Loomstate Fabrics and Other Materials 

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