• Vinyl-Based vs Foil-Based vs Printed Lino Floor Graphics - An Honest Comparison

Floor graphics, or printable flooring, is something that’s been trending higher and higher in Australia of late. While many people decorate the walls of their homes or businesses, often the floors are left plain and rather dull looking. There are also other occasions where floor graphics are desired, such as to display a corporate logo, directions and many other applications. 

When it comes to floor graphics Australia, there are a number of options for printable materials designed for the floor. We’re going to be taking a look at vinyl-based, foil-based and printed lino floor graphics to make a comparison. This will give you a better idea of the right option for your requirements. Whatever you choose, you will want long term floor graphic material for longevity. In many instances, you’ll also need non-slip floor graphics for safety. 

Let’s now take a closer look at printed floor graphics and the three options of floor graphic material you’ll be choosing from. 

Vinyl-Based Floor Graphics 

When it comes to floor graphics, vinyl is a common choice. PVC is commonly referred to as vinyl and this material is a good choice for promotional floor graphics. The print floor material is both non-slip and suited to retail flooring, fashion shows, exhibitions and even film sets. No adhesive is required, print quality is excellent and the material remains very flat. 

Another great example of a PVC or vinyl-based floor material for printing is Bild. This particular floor graphics material is well-known for its longevity and is an excellent option when you need printable flooring that will last. In fact, it’s ideal for just about any temporary or permanent application. You will often find it in restaurants and gyms, just to name a few. 

The great thing about vinyl flooring is it’s extremely tough, yet also very easy to keep clean. It’s low-maintenance and long-wearing. Vinyl is also extremely slip resistant. Because of its high resistance to scuffing, vinyl-based floor graphics maintain their print integrity for long periods of time. 

A floor graphic laminate can be applied to the surface to provide an extra layer of protection for the printed graphics. 

Foil-Based Floor Graphics 

Floor graphics that are foil-based have been gaining traction in recent years. Once more, foil-based floor graphics are famous for their longevity when it comes to foot traffic and even vehicle traffic. However, there is some debate over whether foil-based floor graphics can outlive floor graphics produced from vinyl. 

Rather than being predominantly made of vinyl, as is somewhat traditional with floor graphics, this material is mostly made up of aluminium foil that can produce some stunning results. 

Foil-based floor graphics have become popular for outdoor applications, such as on pavements and tarmac roads. For indoor applications, vinyl still remains the tried and true floor graphics material of choice. 

Printed Lino Floor Graphics 

Printed lino flooring is often deployed for temporary events such as trade shows and exhibitions. It’s perfect for vivid displays that attract attention at events like these. 

Linoleum flooring has long been a staple of the flooring industry and these days it has been ramped up via technology to produce some stunning results when it comes to printing on lino flooring. 

If used on a permanent basis, linoleum flooring requires more maintenance than its vinyl counterpart. Vinyl is also much more resistant to moisture than lino. While vinyl is essentially waterproof, linoleum is only rated as being water-resistant. Both materials are long-wearing and stable, but vinyl comes out ahead in the low-maintenance and longevity stakes. 

Having said that, if you have an event coming up, then printed lino floor graphics can be an ideal choice for temporary use. 

Ricky Richards - A Quality Supplier Of Floor Graphics Materials 

The choice of flooring you use for your printed graphics can often depend on where the flooring is going to be used and for how long. All three options can provide flooring with vivid printed graphics, but vinyl-based flooring tends to win out overall. 

To learn more about printed floor graphics and the best choice for your needs, get in touch with the experts at Ricky Richards, Australia’s premier supplier of printable flooring materials and materials for just about any application.