• How to Choose Outdoor Upholstery for Garden Furniture   

When you want to create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space, you need excellent garden furniture. Outdoor upholstery is a great choice for practical, elegant and comfortable furniture you can enjoy inside and in the garden. These days there are several different types of fabric suitable for outdoor use, and you might not be sure which to choose for your garden furniture. Here are six tips that will help you select the right outdoor upholstery textile. 

Familiarise yourself with outdoor fabrics 

Outdoor furniture is typically made from materials that can withstand the conditions of being outside for a long time. Outdoor upholstery can bring the comfort and style of indoor furniture to the garden. Ricky Richards offer many kinds of outdoor upholstery fabric made from 100% solution dyed acrylic. These medium or heavy-weight fabrics are stylish and comfortable while also being strong enough to use in the garden. Solution-dyed fibres give acrylic fabrics their colour, meaning they are less prone to fade in the sunlight. The thicker texture of the acrylic material makes it great for seating, cushions and pillows. Some people also use outdoor solution dyed acrylic fabric for blinds and awnings. 

Assess your situation and needs 

If you're buying fabric for a specific outdoor furniture project, you should take some time to determine what your particular needs are. It's essential to consider your local climate when selecting a fabric. For example, if you live somewhere with a lot of rain, make sure to buy a material that has water-resistant properties. On the other hand, furniture placed in areas with a lot of sunlight should have UV protection to guard against colour loss. Furthermore, you should buy fabric that suits the size and shape of the piece you are creating. Larger pieces with more curved shapes might look better in solid colours or simpler patterns, while a small pillow could look nice in a brighter or more complex style. 

Consider fabrics in various styles 

Your garden furniture must be functional, but you also want to make sure your outdoor space looks good. Ricky Richards outdoor upholstery fabrics are all made from solution-dyed acrylic and come in many different patterns and colours. In the BLISS Collection, you'll find both chic neutrals and bright solids in various textures, from smooth canvas to elegant jacquard fabrics. These fabrics look great in fun, beachy stripes and bold, rich solids. You can create a multitude of looks, from bright nautical styles to something more muted and relaxed. 

Look for weather and water resistance 

Regardless of where you live or how your garden is set up, your outdoor furniture will need to have some properties that protect it from the elements. The best outdoor upholstery fabric should be resistant to temperature changes, humidity and water, sun damage, wind and the general wear and tear of outdoor use. Mildew and rot resistance is important because your furniture may become wet outside.  

Research care and maintenance 

To get the most out of your outdoor fabric furniture, take some time to research proper care and maintenance. Although outdoor upholstery can be resistant to weather, water and sunlight, eventually the wear and tear of being outside can degrade the quality and appearance of the furniture. During extreme weather events, it's best to bring your outdoor furniture inside or under some type of covering if possible. Keep your garden furniture clean, but avoid methods like power washing which can be excessive and may cause damage to the upholstery. Instead, use a gentle cleaning solution and a sponge to clean off the furniture. Rinse with water and let it dry outdoors on a sunny day. 

Great outdoor furniture should look great, feel comfortable and be able to withstand the elements. Outdoor upholstery combines the durability needed for outdoor use and the style and feel of indoor furniture. Solution-dyed acrylic is an excellent fabric for garden furniture because it has superior colourfastness and the quality to last outdoors. If you're looking for upholstery suitable for garden furniture, try Ricky Richards BLISS outdoor upholstery fabrics which are made of acrylic and treated to be resistant to weather, water and sun damage. They are available in a wide range of textures, colours and styles for whatever outdoor living space you would like to create.