Across industries, green products have become more prevalent over the past few years, sometimes exceeding more affordable alternatives in popularity. Businesses increasingly care about their environmental impact and want their customers to know they are doing their part to help the planet. This includes using sustainable materials made from recyclables. For example, plastic bottles can be turned into printable textiles, which can be used for advertising displays such as lightboxes and products like bean bags and parasols. Green products can improve your company's branding and make the world a better place. Here are four facts you should know about sustainable products made from recycled materials and their applications in the business world. 

Materials are made from recycled plastic bottles 

Plastics take up space in our landfills and can act as pollutants to our environment. Meanwhile, manufacturing new fabrics is a process that consumes a great deal of energy and resources. The good news is that some plastics, including the type found in use for disposable water and beverage bottles, can be recycled into new materials. The plastics are broken down to a base form and then spun into recycled fabric. Yarn made from plastic bottles can be used to weave an eco-friendly textile that can be employed in a variety of business and commercial applications. This process saves energy and creates a new life for materials that would otherwise be rubbish. 

Green products may encourage recycling 

In 2018, Australians only recycled 9.8% of the plastics we used. As a result, we are wasting what could be a valuable resource, instead allowing our landfills to pile up and engaging in environmentally damaging practices like burying or burning waste. Part of the problem is a lack of uses for recycled materials here in Australia. By creating a market for fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, we can add resources to the process, incentivising the development of more efficient recycling systems, thus making it easier for ordinary people to do the right thing and recycle. Reusing our plastics, rather than dumping them or selling them to other countries, can help protect Australia and the planet. 

Sustainable materials have the same quality to traditional products 

A common concern when it comes to green products is that they are of lower quality than the traditional alternatives. However, today, many high-quality recycled materials on the market all have the same features as their counterparts. For example, Ricky Richards offers green print media like the be.tex Green Samba FR, a sustainable textile made from recycled plastic bottles with the same great quality as the be.tex Samba FR. Both of these fabrics are woven polyester textiles that offer the same features:

  • Airtight
  • Watertight
  • Fire-retardant
  • Crease-resistant
  • Non-fraying 

Recycled fabric has a variety of business uses 

Recycled plastic bottle fabric has a variety of different business applications. There are printable polyester textiles that are ideal for creating backlit displays. This eco-friendly fabric can be used for making vibrant, colourful signs and advertisements that welcome customers to a business.  

Companies can also use this type of recycled fabric for inflatables, banners and other displays. Even consumer products such as tablecloths, bean bags and parasols can be made from sustainable fabric. Recycled plastics can also be made into printable self-adhesive vinyl products. Self-adhesive vinyl is great for making signs and decals for a business and its products. Finally, fabrics made from recycled plastic can also be used in commercial wall coverings. These wall coverings have the same fire resistance, breathability and low VOC output as their less sustainable counterparts. They are just as durable and can be used for printing custom graphics and murals. 

Sustainable printable fabrics can be used to design and advertise a company. Business owners can utilise them for promotional products and merchandise to promote their brand. Offices and stores can use them to outfit and decorate their spaces. These products will communicate to customers, clients and employees that a company is committed to using its resources to help the planet, something that an increasing number of people care about these days. If you want to help eliminate rubbish, limit energy use and encourage recycling, incorporating sustainable print media and recycled fabrics into your business is an excellent idea.