How to clean blinds and awning fabrics?

It is very important to care for your blinds and awnings with good maintenance. By keeping your blinds clean, you will help keep your blind or awning look as good as new. General marking and mould are inevitable for outdoor fabrics, but prompt attention to the affected areas will minimize the chance of staining or fabric degradation. Below are 6 tips to follow for maximizing the life of your outdoor awnings and blinds:

  1. If you have on-screen mesh blinds, a mild brushing with a soft bristle brush in addition to hosing will assist removal of any debris from within the fabric weave.
  2. Do not apply detergents, cleaning fluids or insecticides. Doing this will affect both the fabric and the warranty.
  3. Keep petrol, oil, solvents, kerosene and other similar fluids away from the fabric.
  4. Do not allow bird droppings, earth soil, sand or vegetable matter to remain in contact with your blinds or awnings as these can stain the fabrics.
  5. For a canvas awning, water-based stains should be treated first by rinsing with cold water. If this is not sufficient, canvas fabrics may be gently washed with soap and warm water and then rinsed thoroughly with clean water. Do not use high pressure hoses when rinsing.  We recommend gentle brushing or rubbing with a soft bristle brush or sponge as harsh scrubbing can microscopically damage the fabric coating.
  6. It is important that an awning or blind is let down to dry after wet weather and must not be rolled up or stowed away when wet.

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