Established in 1983 by brothers Ron and Norman Gottlieb and their father, Eric Gottlieb, the company has decades of experience; a huge inventory that is always being updated; and a comprehensive database of information on what fabrics work best for any given application.

But it is the belief that people are at the core of everything we do that drives Ricky. We value people – ours and yours. It is a culture that ensures our team members are friendly, proactive and strive for excellence.

At Ricky, we are always seeking to improve our customers’ experience through better service and the supply of high quality products. We have what you need, when you need it.

We invite you to meet the team at Ricky. If you’re considering a career at Ricky, our positions vacant are advertised online.

Ricky is proud to partner with a range of suppliers worldwide that have become our extended family.

Ricky Richards will be the industry leaders in innovative textiles and print media.
We will lead with integrity while fostering collaboration as a trusted partner in business and beyond.

Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a broad term used to describe a company’s efforts to improve society in some way. Ricky Richards is committed to giving back to the community and as a company makes solid effort to support and donate money to many not for profit organisations throughout each year.

There are two major charities Ricky partners with:

* Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) since 2015

* Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick (SCH) since 1996

To date in 2018, between the two partnerships Ricky has donated over $332000 and this will continue along with the numerous fun charity days hosted throughout the year with the teams.

What customers have to say

Over more than three decades, we have been fortunate to have built outstanding relationships with many of our customers. See what they say about the team at Ricky.


To provide our clients with premium-quality products, services and experiences that enables them to supply and own quality Australian made products.


To be a company that makes people happy, held equally in the highest regard for our commercial success and the spirit of community we foster.

Our 6 Pillars

1. Integrity

We are direct and truthful – always. This is the RICKY way. As we are always dealing with the high expectations of people we conduct ourselves accordingly.

2. Experience

The Ricky experience makes the difference. Decades of accumulated industry involvement and a common sense approach allow us to constantly supply our product backed up by a wealth of knowledge ensuring outstanding results.

3. Reliability

RICKY says it, means it and does it. Enough said.

4. Premium Quality

RICKY offers longevity of the products courtesy of an uncompromising desire to provide fabric solutions that fulfill the requirements of the situation.  Products will always be of the highest quality whether for short term or long term use.

5. Community

RICKY is built with solid family values and as such has a very strong sense of community. This is an area which is important to the management and staff who continue to build on the foundations laid out by the owners of the company.

6. Accountable

As a team we stand behind all our products and beside all the suppliers and all customers who we work with. By showing a little more care we create lasting, long term relationships with all who work with us. The RICKY authorization means that support is always there.