Ricky Richards is a family owned company that has grown to become Australia’s number one distributor of industrial and commercial textiles.

Australia has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world. On average, 30 Australians will be diagnosed with melanoma every day and more than 1,200 will die from the disease each year.

Ricky Richards is paving the way to a future where melanoma can be cured through a corporate social responsibility partnership with Melanoma Institute of Australia.

Melanoma Institute Australia is a non-profit, non-government Australian organisation dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma by pioneering advances in research and treatment that are making a difference to the lives of patients today.

The partnership began in July 2015 with Ricky Richards donating a percentage of sales from various sun control product lines directly to Melanoma Institute Australia to fund a fellowship position.

With the help of our customers, Ricky exceeded its target of raising $100,000 in the first year of the partnership, and was able to donate a whopping $102,668.

CEO of Melanoma Institute Australia, Carole Renouf, says the research that results from fellowship positions, such as the one funded by Ricky Richards, is the “only way we can address all of the questions posed by melanoma”.

“There is still so much we don’t know about melanoma and it affects so many Australians… the ongoing support and generosity of our corporate partners is crucial to our goal of a future where there will be no more death from melanoma.

“This is a disease that can often, but not always, be prevented. One in 14 Australian men and one in 24 Australian women are likely to be affected at some point in their lives. Melanoma will touch us all.”

“People reduce their risks, at the individual level, by being sun-smart but, as a community, we must invest in research into treatment and early detection,” Ms. Renouf says.

In this video, Ms. Renouf has personally thanked Ricky Richards for its commitment to melanoma research. To learn more about melanoma or donate directly,please visit the Melanoma Institute Australia website.

Sun Control fabrics

The Ricky Richards sun protection fabrics supporting this program include:

Ricky Richards’ sun control fabrics were developed to support Australian families with outdoor living, by providing shelter and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. These fabrics when installed appropriately will block and reflect a percentage of damaging UV rays. However, to protect skin from indirect UV rays, we recommend that personal sun protection, including clothing and sunscreen, still be used.

Sun protection and minimising sun exposure are the keys to prevention of melanoma.