WCT offers Australia’s premier collection of outdoor and industrial fabrics. The company has grown rapidly since 1991 and has a wealth of talented people, and a state of the art production facility based in the Hunter Valley.

WCT performs functions in weaving, dyeing, scouring and bleaching, finishing, coating, printing, sueding, brushing, shrinking, proofing and waxing – as well as in-house facilities including a research and development laboratory team and machinery designing and manufacturing capabilities.

WCT fabrics are made to standards suitable to a wide range of customers which include – Camping and industrial canvas, defence fabrics, PVC for truck tarps, banners, marine, automotive and general-purpose applications, awning fabrics, waxed cotton oilskin for drover coats, moleskin and rugged apparel/workwear fabrics, artist canvas, x-ray screening, filtration, and the list goes on including custom-made projects.