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Bild products are proudly made in the USA. Emporia, KS is the home of the BLT warehouse, manufacturing and distribution centre, a 300,000-square foot space that houses everything to make Bild. BLT is a vertically-integrated manufacturer that creates the Bild product and offers it to distributors for resale.

While most vinyl flooring products are made with a 10-20% wear layer and filler material, Bild is 100% vinyl throughout. Bild won’t crack, peel, split or otherwise deteriorate like the competition. This provides superior durability and protection for floors of any type. Bild is also resistant to chemicals such as battery acid, brake fluid, antifreeze, salt, mud and other chemicals commonly found in workspaces and garages.

The line has since expanded beyond the Parking Pad to include RaceDay Peel & Stick tiles, AquaTreadmarine and boat flooring, and Bild Graphic imaged and clear floors. From trade shows to displays, classrooms to retail stores, Bild vinyl flooring has become more than just a garage floor cover.