Matt Evans

R and D Manager Print Media

How long have you been with Ricky Richards?

18 Years

In words that potential customers, who know nothing about this business will understand, what is your role?

Since founding the Print Media department all that time ago I have helped developed the skills of the sales team, worked with a lot of great customers and have driven the development of an industry leading and ever evolving product range

What are your professional strengths in this role?

A pragmatic & strategic approach to all elements of the sales process underpinned by a strong technical foundation

Thinking back, what was one job that you did really well that you know made a big difference to the results achieved for the customer or your team?

I wouldn’t want to single out one thing but rather a series of contributions which I think have helped both team & customers

If there was one thing that you wished people could understand about the way you fulfil your role, what would it be?

Drive, passion & integrity

What do you hope to achieve in your role at Ricky Richards?

Continue to lead the market in innovation and add value to our industry and customers