Kathryn Polgar

General Manager

If Ricky Richards was a team… oh, wait… Ricky Richards IS a team… let’s start again…

If Ricky Richards was a SPORTS team, our General Manager Kathryn would be the coach, the captain on the field AND the leader of the cheer squad, all rolled into one. She comes up with the game plan and works alongside the team to implement it.

How long have you been with Ricky Richards?

Since Sept 2013

In words that potential customers, who know nothing about this business will understand, what is your role?

General Manager of Ricky Richards

What are your professional strengths in this role?

I was once described as the Swiss Army Knife at a previous business and I think this sums me up well. My career started in Sales then Customer Service, I then graduated into Operational roles to now the role of GM. I thrive on the challenge of solving problems and running a business throws up problems every day.

If there was one thing that you wished people could understand about the way you fulfil your role, what would it be?

That I look at myself as the coach on the sidelines. It is my job to come up with the game plan, the strategy and make sure the team work together to bring it to a win. My role mid-game can go from coach to cheerleader – dependent on what the team needs at the time.

What do you hope to achieve in your role at Ricky Richards?

To be a leader that inspires those around me to achieve more. Ricky Richards has something quite special in its culture and has always been about its people. No matter how much we change our branding, the ethics that the Gottlieb’s instilled is part of our tenant and something I am proud to represent.