Charles Pickford

Business Development Manager

  • In words that potential customers, who know nothing about this business will understand, what is your role?

To uncover and develop new and existing business for our extensive range of printable materials that are widely utilised in the sign and display industry.


  • What are your professional strengths in this role?

I have 25 years of experience in the design and print industry. During this time, I have held roles in print-production and vinyl manufacture which have allowed me to understand the many needs and requirements from the customers viewpoint. I love learning, and a collaborative relationship with customers is key to mutual growth.


  •  Thinking back, what was one job that you did well that you know made a big difference to the results achieved for the customer or your team?

The need of the customer is always forefront in my mind. Whether it be the timely delivery of the required media or the sourcing of a niche product that is not widely available. This has on several occasions lead to the development of a unique product for a specific application to suit the customer. These products have sometimes then been released into the wider market.


  • If there was one thing that you wished people could understand about the way you fulfill your role, what would it be?

The knowledge and experience of somebody removed from the day to day running of your business can be great asset. I am here to help and providing a solution to a problem is the goal of my role.


  • What do you hope to achieve in your role at Ricky Richards?

To maintain and develop existing customer relationships within this territory. Whilst growing a footprint of key new partnerships that will benefit both parties concerned.