Horse Rugs

How to choose the right horse rug fabric?

As a horse owner or breeder, you often rug up your horses during winter to keep them dry and warm. In the summer months, you use a horse rug to protect them from insects and to save their coats from bleaching in the sun. A huge part of having a good rug is selecting the correct fabric.

The types of fabric used for horse rugs range from a cotton/polyester blend canvas, which is cool and breathable, to a 100% polyester textile that is lightweight but not as breathable so can, therefore, retain more heat.


Cotton/polyester blend canvas horse rugs can last multiple seasons due to the durability of the fabric. They are more flexible, and while no canvas rug is 100% waterproof, they are still excellent in providing great weather protection. While mould and mildew treatment impregnate this fabric, it is advisable to remove these horse rugs regularly to allow them to dry out completely.

Polyester horse rugs have seen the demise of traditional canvas rugs in recent years as they are light to handle, waterproof and can be used as an all-in-one solution, without the need for heavy layers in Winter.  They dry out quickly after wet weather and are more attractive than a canvas rug.

At Ricky Richards, we are proud to distribute Australian made horse rug fabrics specifically manufactured to perform well under Australian weather conditions. Call one of the Ricky team experts to find out more about horse rug fabrics:  RickyRichards.com.au/contact