Industrial Fabric Solutions

Customised Industrial Fabric Solutions for your Business

Ricky Richards has nearly 30 years of experience in providing customers in a variety of industries with all manners of industrial textile solutions.

Through years of hard work and careful networking, we have acquired the largest stock of industrial covers, shade sail fabric, and adhesive vinyl in Australia. This gives us the ability to maintain the largest selection of digital print fabric as well.

We Can Process Orders Quickly and Efficiently

Our first priority at Ricky Richards is filling your order as quickly and as efficiently as possible. One of the benefits of having such a large stock is our ability to fill most orders within one business day. We have the ability to cut deals on digital print fabric, adhesive vinyl, shade sail fabric, and industrial covers, and pass the savings on to our customers.

This efficiency allows us to offer the best prices on a wide variety of industrial fabric solutions currently available in Australia, including cutting edge products such as HIRAOKA 104T and MONOTEC 210, both of which have a wide range of industrial applications.

We also maintain excellent relationships with shippers so we are able to ship adhesive vinyl, shade sail fabric, and digital print fabric throughout Australia.

Our Experienced Staff Can Point You in the Right Direction

Our experienced sales staff will be happy to work with you and help you reduce material costs. They can recommend alternatives and new products that can help you increase efficiency and lower production costs.

We can fill any order of any size, so you only have to order the amount of digital print fabric, industrial covers, or adhesive vinyl that you actually need. That saves you money and helps eliminate waste.

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Our main goal at Ricky Richards is helping your firm reduce costs by providing the finest quality industrial textiles at the lowest prices. For more information about Ricky Richards and our industrial textiles, just call (02) 9735 3333 or contact us online.